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The jobs that AMERICAN ADVENTURE offers students are in the best areas, both in terms of location, salary and proximity to some of the most important tourist attractions in the United States.

Moreover, the chances you have when it comes to finding a second job are much higher than in other ultra-populated areas of students.

Block Island, RI

The island, which is part of the 50 smallest state in the United States, Rhode Island, is only 25 square kilometers and is considered to be in the top 5 holiday destinations for American families.

Around 1,000 residents live on the island all year round, but during the summer the number of tourists on the island reaches 15-20,000 / day.

The annual sailing boat races, the multitude of publicly accessible beaches and the countless activities that tourists who come here can enjoy make Block Island a place they want to get to at least once.

Block Island on TripAdvisor

Martha`s Vineyard, MA

Few places in the United States match in beauty the favorite island of the President of the United States - Barack Obama.

The ocean, the beaches that surround it and the people who choose to spend their holidays here turn the island into a place where not only would you like to be but one where you MUST be.

Close to Boston, New York and other destinations on the east coast of the United States, Martha`s Vineyard is one of the areas that students who go to the States with Work and Travel through American Adventure choose without blinking.

Martha`s Vineyard on TripAdvisor

Mackinac Island, MI

The car-free island, one of America's best-preserved historic areas, Fudge Island, are just a few of the things that are said about Mackinac Island.

With a population not exceeding 500 inhabitants, the number of tourists reaching 15,000 / day in season, Mackinac Island is in great need of seasonal labor and, therefore, the available jobs are numerous.

Mackinak Island is the place where you would like to spend every summer vacation.

Mackinak Island on TripAdvisor

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