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About us

Follow your summer dreams with eyes wide open

American Adventure brings Romanian students jobs in areas where anyone would like to spend their summer vacation. From the islands on the East Coast to the fascinating landscapes of the Great Lakes, from America that only in Virginia you can find to the "new" and free America, the one on the West Coast, we definitely have a job that fit.

We were and are students like you. We also did not give up the idea that America should be seen, to work there and to discover it as you can only do it at the age of 20.

We also lived warm summers on the beach, evenings with tips of $ 2-300, nights when beer was not enough and we also met new people who we know will be our friends for life. We also climbed the Empire State Building, we also went to Washington, but also to Miami or Las Vegas. I'd say I slept in New York, but this is "the city that never sleeps," and neither did we.

Our experience is given by the summers we spent in the States working with our friends, living like Americans and having fun like only we can do. No one can advise you better than someone who had the same emotions as you with the thought of the visa interview, the first flight across the ocean, the first contact with co-workers or apartments.

If you are not convinced that we are the most suitable to send you to the States, we invite you to stay with us to talk about how you can have the best (American) Adventure in your studies.

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