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In terms of jobs, you have two options:

  • Self

  • Standard (includes a job)

Self means that you already have a job offer (you have been there in other years and go to the same employer / your friends in the States sent you a job offer) and we help you with obtaining a work permit.

If you want a job through us, all you have to do is consult the options available in our office.

Job types:

Given that the Work and Travel program takes place during the summer holidays, jobs are in areas with great tourist potential, especially in the field of services - hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc. Almost all are entry-level and after a short training you are ready to work.


The minimum wage varies from state to state and is between $ 7.25 / hour and $ 14 / hour. It is important to remember that these are the guaranteed minimum incomes and they can exceed this value.


Usually, a student who arrives in the States with the Work and Travel program works about 40 hours a week (full-time), and overtime is paid 50% more (eg $ 8 regular pay, $ 12 overtime). You can increase your income by taking a "second job" or working overtime.


You can work until September 30 at the latest. October is intended exclusively for travel, a violation of this rule could lead to a future visa refusal.


This program is suitable for you if you already have a job offer in the States, we can help you get a visa. We advise you to be very careful about who you take the job from, so as not to risk arriving in the USA and not having a place to work!


You choose a job from the available offer and we make sure that when you arrive in the States you are sure of both an accommodation and a job. Go to exams without worries, especially if you haven't been to the States before.


An unforgettable summer also needs a place to tell a story. The job offers from the Premium option are in the most appreciated places, so you have something to tell your grandchildren about!

Included in the cost of the program are:

  • obtaining a temporary work permit in the States;

  • getting a job (if you didn't choose the Self Placement option);

  • DS 2019 form;

  • medical insurance;

  • orientation and information sessions;

  • American Adventure non-stop assistance in the USA;

  • accommodation assistance.

Other expenses:

  • SEVIS fee: 35USD - beneficiary US State Department;

  • Visa interview fee: USD 160 - to be paid into the account of the US Embassy in Bucharest;

  • Airfare - variable price, depending on destination and departure and return dates.



If you have traveled before, you know that insurance is welcome and can save you a lot of hassle.

If we are talking about healthcare, you should know that services in the States are very expensive and their medical system is very different from ours.

If you do not have insurance and seek medical care, you will have to pay absolutely everything out of your own pocket and that cannot be a good thing, for sure.

By choosing one of the American Adventure options, you benefit from insurance valid both in the USA and in transit countries. It covers expenses in case of medical emergencies, emergency dental treatments, lost luggage, etc.

Taxes and their recovery

The obligation to pay taxes is incumbent on you, just like any other employee in America. They can be of several types: state, federal, and sometimes social and health care.

But don't worry!

Not being a citizen of the United States, American Adventure can help you get your taxes back.

You need the latest paycheck, a dollar account and patience. Their recovery takes between 30 and 90 days from the submission of the file, sometimes even longer, if we talk about social or medical assistance fees.

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